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  • Psychopteros & Algos


    “Many centuries ago, in the splendor of Ancient Greece,
    in a small village in the Kingdom of Macedonia,
    there was a king who had three very beautiful daughters.
    The youngest of them was blessed with an unattainable beauty
    but she was, however, as sad as she was beautiful..”

    That is how this myth begins, Psyche and Eros,
    a tale about how love found the human soul.

    Greek Mythology inspires this illustrated garments collection.
    Designed and produced in Spain in a limited edition.

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  • The hat shop

    "People are getting impatient. They crowd around the cold glass of the misted-up shop window.
    This is the dawn of a revolution in the fashion world.
    Hats off! La Sombrerería is open for business!"
    Using basic resources and very limited graphics,
    a wonderful hat collection was launched in Vienna in the spring-summer of 1919.
    With it, a glittering line-up of characters and drawings that reached far beyond the shop walls.
    A series of 10 ink and water colour illustrations set the foundations for Hutgeschäft,The hat shop,
    a fundamentally conceptual project inspired by the Vienna of 1919,
    expressed graphically and conveyed in various types of media,
    including a collection of prints, a series of decorative vinyl pictures,
    a complete china dinner service and various textile items.
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  • Ilustrisimas

    Memories of journeys, cities, 
    citizens ands denizens,
    characters, inhabitats
    and inhabitated wilderness.
    Roofs, portals, backyards,unteamed beasts,
    lines, leafs, seaweeds, fireflies and fish.
    Lived, shot and portrayed scenes
    illustratig lucky foot-travellers
    who wear them for you to see.
    Ilustrísimas is a limited edition collection 
    ilustrated and designed by Mi Clo.
    All the garments are printed and made in Spain.

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  • Piedramuelle

     The wind blew and clouded the fertile lands,
    the valleys, the shores, raising the waves. 
    Region of pastures, cowherds, sheep,
    sailors exhausted and ancient ladies
    weaving the peace.
    Piedramuelle is a small Asturian village,
    in northern Spain, where time stands still and where
    Mi Clo has found the inspiration for this collection.

    A series of original illustrations brings together the entirety of the
    printed garment collection, carefully made in Spain  in a limited edition.

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